Thursday Update

Hi Keep Poinding Rob team!

Rob has made some wonderful strides today!

Here is what we know:

No new clots anywhere from the hours of scans he went through yesterday!

The previous clot is GONE!!

They beleive Rob has an infection that is causing much of his trouble. He is extremely tired and his muscles are very weak.

He was started on antibiotics, and his heart and oxygen levels are still being monitored 24/7.

He is being watched closely for signs of fever, confusion (as a precaution, he’s not confused at all), dizziness, etc.

He did have a very good blood pressure reading tonight, after starting an addditonal medicine to help raise it. We are praying that is a sign of things to come!

We are grateful they are so on top of it, and  to be in such great hands.

Ending on another positive note, he was able to drink a ton of fluids, including several high protein ensure drinks!

I’ll post another update tomorrow.

Thank you for your continued love and support!! It means the world!!

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