Friday Update: Good News

Hi Keep Pounding Rob team!!

Some good news to share!

Rob’s blood pressure is improving! He made it through the night with normal blood pressure readings, the first time since time since being readmitted!

The doctors agreed he has an infection, and the infection is the cause of all of the difficulty,  including the severe muscle weakness.

He is still on oxygen, yet they have weaned him from it a bit, which is a great sign.

He is still on fluids, but those are being weaned as well.

The heart monitor is staying put for right now.

Rob was able to get up and move around a bit today. He has been resting  after an incredibly busy (and early) morning.

Before 9:15 this morning,  11 different medical professionals came in to share their expertise with us. Some of these amazing and life saving teams include his nurses,  and doctors in hemtology, pulmnology, and infectious diseases.

We are grateful for his entire medical team being so proactive and starting him on antibiotics, in case of possible infection. This was done right away before the lab results came back. Just seeing how quickly he went backwards, and with symptoms  not usually associated with stem cell transplant recovery, makes us beyond thankful for his proactive medical team!

Speaking of grateful, thank all of you, Keep Pounding Rob team!! You have helped us get through this setback!!

The goal is to get Rob strong enough where he was post transplant. Back to the original schedule of lots of resting, walking, and recovering. He had four good days of doing this after we got home, and we look forward to resuming that soon. We realize it may not be at the exact same starting point as post transplant, but it is a step in the right direction!

And, speaking of steps, the hemtologist is going to talk with Rob tomorrow about doing some hall walking (slowly and supervised).  Please pray for strength for that to happen!

Thank you for helping Rob Keep Pounding!!

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