Saturday Update & Thank You

Hi Keep Pounding Rob team!

Another day of improvement!

First, a huge thank you for keeping up with Rob’s progress through our blog! It helps me to write the information down, so that way I don’t miss any important details when sharing updates.

We welcome and are so thankful your blog comments, texts, calls and emails! They help keep our spirits lifted!

Ya’ll have been there through the bad this week (and beyond), now for the good!!

Rob has made HUGE strides today!!

1. Rob is OFF the 24/7 heart and oxygen monitors, and his vital signs have been doing well!

2. He is walking with the pole, as long as closely supervised by a nurse or myself. This is huge considering how weak his muscles were a few days ago!

3. He has been in antibiotics and an IVIG infusion today, and both will help his immune system fight off any infections.

4. During today’s long infusions, we watched the games and played a few hands of cards. We were so scared about how quickly he went downhill, that being able to simply watch basketball and play cards was the best date ever!!

More updates tomorrow after the morning rounds from his phenomenal medical team. Thank you, Keep Pounding Rob team!! Ya’ll are quite phenomenal as well!!

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