Wednesday Update

Rob has had a tough and busy day at the hospital.

He is currently on oxygen and breathing treatments to improve his oxygen level.

He is now on medicine to help raise his blood pressure.

He had another ultrasound on the clot that resulted from the triport.

This afternoon, he also had scans on his brain, lungs and heart to  rule out any additional clots or something else that may be contributing to the low blood pressure, high heart rate, trouble walking,  etc.

Rob is now on 24/7 monitors to keep an eye on his heart and oxygen level.

We don’t have any results of the tests from today,  but I will post when we do.

Thank you, Keep Pounding Rob team for your prayers and support!!

Please keep them coming, be it by texts, emails, blog comments, or mail. They really do help lift our spirits more than I can express!!❤❤❤

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