Optimism, 12/18

Hi Keep Pounding Rob team!

Rob was able to resume chemotherapy yesterday!! 🙂

The antiviral medicine is helping his RSV and pneumonia symptoms, though with some extremely painful side effects. However, as Rob said this morning, “When you think about it, I really caught a break. The chemotherapy is working, which is the most important part.”

His optimism and attitude remind me of the kind and brave man we have met a few times while at chemotherapy, and who I wrote about earlier (click here see the earlier post).

Please continue to pray for successful chemotherapy treatments, this week and next, including one on Christmas Eve at Levine Cancer Institute. In the spirit of optimism, we are thankful for what the chemotherapy is doing, be it Christmas Eve, or anytime! 

You all have been instrumental in helping Rob as he Keeps Pounding on this journey!

Thank you, Keep Pounding Rob team!!

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