Thursday Update, 12/20

About 2:30 this morning, Rob was admitted to the emergency room at Atrium Hospital (formerly Carolinas Medical Center).  The muscle pain became so severe he was having trouble walking, sitting and lying down. As he did try to move around, he heard and felt a loud “pop” in his lower back. The concern was that the “pop” was a fracture caused by the multiple myeloma, just like it fractured his arm that required surgery and two steel rods.

The good news is, the two CT scans Rob had did NOT show any fracture! We were relieved to hear this news!

That said, the doctor mentioned he did see spots on his spine consistent with multiple myeloma.

This is where Rob and I did a double take at 6 this morning, as it was the first time we had heard about spots on his spine. (Note: This hasn’t been confirmed by Rob’s oncologist, but observed by the emergency room doctor and radiologist on a first reading of the CT Scans).

As for the 8 spots Rob is currently fighting, not a single one is located on his spine (as we thought up to now).  So this morning, when the ER doctor mentioned his spine showing spots, we immediately wondered if these are new spots? 

Keep Pounding Rob Team, THANK YOU for your prayers, and please keep them coming, specifically for:

1. The spots found this morning on the CT scans are the ones we knew about and fighting now, and that there are no new spots on his spine (or anywhere else).

2.  That his medical team can get this horrendous muscle pain under control and determine the exact cause for the pain, be it the anti-viral medicine, the multiple myeloma, or something else.

3.  That his chemotherapy treatments will continue without interruptions this week and next.  We are thankful that he was able to get his chemotherapy in at Levine this afternoon, despite the earlier emergency room visit.

A HUGE thank you for your prayers through social media, church groups, neighbors, friends and family. You have lifted our spirits up after a very long night and day, just as you have done this entire journey.

I mentioned optimism in my last post. You all are a huge part of that optimism, and we appreciate it so very much!!

4 thoughts on “Thursday Update, 12/20

  1. Stay strong Rob. Can’t imagine the whirlwind and the dealing with such unknowns. You continue to amaze with your strength and courage. Continued prayers and love!🙏🏻❤️

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