Saturday, 12/15 Update

Hi everyone!

Thank you to everyone for your continued thoughts and prayers through your cards, texts, calls, e-mails, blog comments, and meals!! We are so fortunate to have such a kind and supportive Keep Pounding Rob team! It is appreciated beyond words!! 

This past week, chemotherapy was delayed because of the RSV.

After meeting with the infectious disease specialist, and further tests, we learned the RSV had developed into pneumonia.

On Wednesday, he had an infusion called IVIG to help boost his immune system. Additionally, he started a new medication to help with the RSV and pneumonia symptoms.

Chemotherapy is on for next week, and we are extremely relieved it won’t be delayed another week.  

Please pray for Rob’s continued improvement and strength for the next two weeks of labs and chemotherapy. 

Thank you all so much for your love and support as Rob Keeps Pounding!! 

3 thoughts on “Saturday, 12/15 Update

  1. Praying for your healing Rob, so sad to hear that you are having to fight this battle.
    May God give you strength and peace as you fight this awful disease. I have many people in Texas now praying for you!

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