Monday, 12/10 Update

Today we had some GREAT news at the hematologist appointment, and some not so great news.

First, the great news: the hematologist was thrilled with his lab results, especially as his M-Spike level has decreased significantly by 85%!  This is more evidence that that the chemotherapy is working!!! We are elated with this improvement!

We are grateful beyond words, while acknowledging the journey ahead is being hindered by RSV.

Rob was supposed to begin round 4 of chemo today. However, the doctor postponed it due to the RSV and his coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath. The nurses and doctor couldn’t believe how bad he was sounding, and as such, ordered a CT scan today.

The doctor reviewed the CT scan and referred him to an infectious disease specialist at Levine Cancer Institute, who he sees Wednesday. He also started a new prescription this evening.

If he has improved in the next week, he will resume his chemotherapy next Monday.

Prayer Request

Thank you so much for your prayers! Please keep them coming as we face these unexpected bumps in the road.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone coping with aftermath of the winter storm! Stay safe and warm!!

4 thoughts on “Monday, 12/10 Update

  1. So happy about the M spike decrease and so frustrated for you about the RSV (aka Really Sucky Virus). Prayers for answers from the ID Dr and new medication that works quickly so you can get on with the business of pounding myeloma!👊🏻

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