Positive Update

Hi everyone!

Today was the six-week follow up with the surgeon oncologist, to check on Rob’s left arm. Brief re-cap for new visitors, Rob’s arm is how we found out he has multiple myeloma. It began hurting to a point where he couldn’t move it, though he hadn’t done anything to injure it.  The doctor ordered an MRI, which revealed a tumor had fractured his arm. After further imaging tests, we found out he had 7 additional tumors throughout his body, and he was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. 

Back to this morning, the surgeon was thrilled with the progress he has made!

The surgeon said that the bone is growing back and healing, and in six weeks, he expects it to be fully healed.  He showed us on the x-rays where the healing was occurring. He said that in another 6 weeks, Rob should have full  recovery and use of his arm!  From having surgery 3 months ago to this update today, are over the moon with this news! 

Thank you for the prayers, support and love!!!

Wristband Update:If you ordered a wristband and haven’t received one, please e-mail us at keeppoundingrob@gmail.com

If you would like a Keep Pounding Rob wristband, send your address to keeppoundingrob@gmail.comand I’ll send one to you. 

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