“The Chemo is working!”


“The Chemo is working!”

–Rob’s Hematologist, Levine Cancer Institute,  11/12/2018


Those words were music to our ears just a little bit ago at Rob’s Hematologist appt.

The tumor that surrounded his lung is decreasing in size!!

Additionally, his M-Spike level (sp?) has decreased significantly, something they were anxious to see happen. There are many levels they monitor each time he goes in for an appointment or chemo, but apparently this is one in particular they were thrilled to see improve. The hematologist was very pleased about both the tumor decreasing and the M-Spike level decreasing as well.

It is our hope and prayers the chemo will continue to decrease the lung tumor, along with the 7 others in his body. We will know more on those after the next two cycles of chemo, and of course post the news here.

The cycles are two weeks long, followed by a week off, and then repeat.

If all goes well, Rob will be looking at a stem cell transplant in January.  We were fortunate enough to meet a man the other week who had been through a stem cell transplant for stage 3 Multiple Myeloma (same as Rob) and offered great hope and inspiration as we look towards that journey in January.  More updates on that as they become available.

For now, we want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who is helping Rob Keep Pounding!!!  You prayers, support and love have given us strength we didn’t know we had to face cancer head on.

Thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts…we couldn’t have got through the past few months without all of you!

Thank you, Keep Pounding Rob Team!!



2 thoughts on ““The Chemo is working!”

  1. WOOHOO!!! I’m trying to paste my happy dance meme but I’m technologically challenged😏 So, I’ll just give you my happy dancey girls!👯‍♀️👯‍♀️ I’m SOOOOO happy for you❤️

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