Nov. 8 Rob Update and New Wristbands

Hi everyone!

Rob’s first chemo of the week went well.  Unfortunately, his cough continued to get worse, even while on the 3 meds prescribed last week. On Tuesday evening, he began coughing up blood and had a racing heart rate, even when the coughing fits subsided.

He spent the next 18 hours at the ER, on the advice of his hematologist.  They did a myriad of tests, including a heart ultrasound, chest x-ray, and chest CT scan, in addition to lots of lab work. The good news is that everything appears to be ok, and the hematologist prescribed a different-and stronger-antibiotic for him.  Additionally, this won’t affect his chemo today at Levine, assuming his labs beforehand come back good. (He has labs to check to make sure his counts aren’t too low for chemo, followed by the actual chemo).

We are incredibly thankful we didn’t have to spend another night at the hospital, and extremely appreciative of all of the doctors, nurses, techs, and everyone at CMC (now called Atrium) who helped him with the tests and changes of medicine.

On another thankful note, we have the new wristbands!! If you already let me know you’d like one, it will be in the mail soon! If you’d like one, simply send me  (Brandii, Rob’s wife) an e-mail to or  call/text me at 704-301-2480.

Some pictures of the new wristband that say “Keep Pounding Rob”–and for those of you who know Rob and his love of superheroes, he choose the font style because it was named “Batman”…:)

They wristbands turned out great, though some of the pics below are a bit blurry, thanks to our crazy golden trying to “help” with the pictures…













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