Sunday Update, 1/6

Happy New Year, Keep Pounding Rob Team!!

Rob’s a huge LEGO fan, and he built the sign above out of LEGOS. I’ll post a picture once it’s hung in his study.  🙂

Rob has labs and an oncology appointment tomorrow. I’ll update with more information on what the next steps are, be it another round of chemo, or preparation for an upcoming stem cell transplant. Much will depend on the labs tomorrow. Either way, I’ll post an update with more information.

Thank you for your continued support, love and prayers, Keep Pounding Rob Team!! We couldn’t ask for a more supportive community to help us through this time.

We wish you all a very Happy New Year!!   

Friday Update, 12/28

New Update to Friday’s Post:

There is no break or compression caused by the myeloma!! It is an inflamed nerve causing the pain. We are so relieved!! 

We are now working on the adjustment of meds to help manage the pain. Thank you for your prayers!!!

Hi Keep Pounding Rob Team!

Rob had a great appointment with the pulmonologist, who was thrilled with how well his lungs sounded!  He is happy with how the RSV is resolving! 

Unfortunately, Rob is still having significant problems with his lower back and legs.

His oncologist worked him in for an appointment before labs and chemo yesterday. This was based on his pain level, being up all night, and sometimes having difficulty walking due to the pain.

Earlier, I talked about finding out the cause of this pain, be it side effects from a medicine that may still be in his system, the myeloma, or something else.

The oncologist ordered an MRI of Rob’s spine this morning. The MRI is the best tool to see if there are any fractures or compressions. Once we get the results, we’ll post an update.

In the meantime, the oncologist adjusted his medications to help his pain.

Thank you, Keep Pounding Rob Team for your continued thoughts, prayers, cards, texts, and meals!! We draw on strength from you, and appreciate your support more than words can convey!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Christmas Eve Update

Merry Christmas Eve, Keep Pounding Rob team!!

We are at Levine now, waiting on Rob’s chemo, followed by an infusion to strengthen his bones. 

He will continue nightly chemo at home as usual, has a pulmologist appointment and x-rays Wednesday, and will be back at Levine Thursday for chemo. 

His oncologist made some adjustments to his medications, which have helped his intense muscle pain.

We appreciate your continued support and prayers!! Thank you so much!!

Merry Christmas to you all!!

Thursday Update, 12/20

About 2:30 this morning, Rob was admitted to the emergency room at Atrium Hospital (formerly Carolinas Medical Center).  The muscle pain became so severe he was having trouble walking, sitting and lying down. As he did try to move around, he heard and felt a loud “pop” in his lower back. The concern was that the “pop” was a fracture caused by the multiple myeloma, just like it fractured his arm that required surgery and two steel rods.

The good news is, the two CT scans Rob had did NOT show any fracture! We were relieved to hear this news!

That said, the doctor mentioned he did see spots on his spine consistent with multiple myeloma.

This is where Rob and I did a double take at 6 this morning, as it was the first time we had heard about spots on his spine. (Note: This hasn’t been confirmed by Rob’s oncologist, but observed by the emergency room doctor and radiologist on a first reading of the CT Scans).

As for the 8 spots Rob is currently fighting, not a single one is located on his spine (as we thought up to now).  So this morning, when the ER doctor mentioned his spine showing spots, we immediately wondered if these are new spots? 

Keep Pounding Rob Team, THANK YOU for your prayers, and please keep them coming, specifically for:

1. The spots found this morning on the CT scans are the ones we knew about and fighting now, and that there are no new spots on his spine (or anywhere else).

2.  That his medical team can get this horrendous muscle pain under control and determine the exact cause for the pain, be it the anti-viral medicine, the multiple myeloma, or something else.

3.  That his chemotherapy treatments will continue without interruptions this week and next.  We are thankful that he was able to get his chemotherapy in at Levine this afternoon, despite the earlier emergency room visit.

A HUGE thank you for your prayers through social media, church groups, neighbors, friends and family. You have lifted our spirits up after a very long night and day, just as you have done this entire journey.

I mentioned optimism in my last post. You all are a huge part of that optimism, and we appreciate it so very much!!

Optimism, 12/18

Hi Keep Pounding Rob team!

Rob was able to resume chemotherapy yesterday!! 🙂

The antiviral medicine is helping his RSV and pneumonia symptoms, though with some extremely painful side effects. However, as Rob said this morning, “When you think about it, I really caught a break. The chemotherapy is working, which is the most important part.”

His optimism and attitude remind me of the kind and brave man we have met a few times while at chemotherapy, and who I wrote about earlier (click here see the earlier post).

Please continue to pray for successful chemotherapy treatments, this week and next, including one on Christmas Eve at Levine Cancer Institute. In the spirit of optimism, we are thankful for what the chemotherapy is doing, be it Christmas Eve, or anytime! 

You all have been instrumental in helping Rob as he Keeps Pounding on this journey!

Thank you, Keep Pounding Rob team!!

Saturday, 12/15 Update

Hi everyone!

Thank you to everyone for your continued thoughts and prayers through your cards, texts, calls, e-mails, blog comments, and meals!! We are so fortunate to have such a kind and supportive Keep Pounding Rob team! It is appreciated beyond words!! 

This past week, chemotherapy was delayed because of the RSV.

After meeting with the infectious disease specialist, and further tests, we learned the RSV had developed into pneumonia.

On Wednesday, he had an infusion called IVIG to help boost his immune system. Additionally, he started a new medication to help with the RSV and pneumonia symptoms.

Chemotherapy is on for next week, and we are extremely relieved it won’t be delayed another week.  

Please pray for Rob’s continued improvement and strength for the next two weeks of labs and chemotherapy. 

Thank you all so much for your love and support as Rob Keeps Pounding!! 

Monday, 12/10 Update

Today we had some GREAT news at the hematologist appointment, and some not so great news.

First, the great news: the hematologist was thrilled with his lab results, especially as his M-Spike level has decreased significantly by 85%!  This is more evidence that that the chemotherapy is working!!! We are elated with this improvement!

We are grateful beyond words, while acknowledging the journey ahead is being hindered by RSV.

Rob was supposed to begin round 4 of chemo today. However, the doctor postponed it due to the RSV and his coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath. The nurses and doctor couldn’t believe how bad he was sounding, and as such, ordered a CT scan today.

The doctor reviewed the CT scan and referred him to an infectious disease specialist at Levine Cancer Institute, who he sees Wednesday. He also started a new prescription this evening.

If he has improved in the next week, he will resume his chemotherapy next Monday.

Prayer Request

Thank you so much for your prayers! Please keep them coming as we face these unexpected bumps in the road.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone coping with aftermath of the winter storm! Stay safe and warm!!