2 Year Update, 4/8/21

I had an amazing appointment with Dr. Bhutani at Levine Cancer on April 5, 2021. I improved to stringent complete response (sCR) at the 2 year anniversary of my Autologous Stem Cell Transplant.  

Maintenance treatment of Revilmid continues to deepen my response. I will continue taking this 3 weeks on, and one week off, along with monthly IVIG infusions to help restore IGG deficiencies.

Last year during MRD (minimal residual disease) testing, myeloma / malignant cancerous cells appeared at 1 out 100,000 level (10^5).  Now I am MRD negative at that level. 

I continue to have some malignant cells present at 1 out of 1,000,000 (10^6).  I am grateful that I continue to respond to treatment. 

In September of 2017, plasma cells accounted for 54% of the cells in my bone marrow biopsy.  Now I am at 0.3%.  In 2017, multiple myeloma caused a fracture in my left humerus, a rib to be destroyed, and the formation of 6 other lytic lesions.

Through the amazing care of Levine Cancer Institute, I have full use of my left arm. I achieved sCR (stringent complete response) in multiple myeloma at the two year anniversary of my Autologous Stem Cell Transplant. This was the goal when my doctors recommended a transplant.

Each step of the journey, progress was being made.  After my Revilmid, Velcade, and Dexamethsone induction, I had achieved a partial response (PR).  90 days after my stem cell transplant, my response improved to very good partial response (VGPR).

At the one year anniversary of the transplant the response improved to complete response (CR).  Now I am grateful to have reached sCR. This reflects that for me multiple myeloma is a journey with twists and turns. I remember being disappointed that I didn’t achieve a higher response after chemotherapy and the stem cell transplant. This demonstrates that patience and perseverance matter.

Thank you to the wonderful team at Levine Cancer Institue, Dr. Patt and his amazing staff of orthopedic oncologists Dr. Bhuntani, Dr. Usmani, Dr. Atrash, Dr. Voorhes and Dr. Shahid and their amazing clinical nurses, infusion nurses, transplant nurses, and hematology staff.,

Every day amazing progress occurs in the treatment of multiple myeloma. I encourage my fellow multiple myeloma survivors to Keep Pounding! Please know that “No One Fights Alone!” The amazing medical advances in multiple myeloma are delivering Hope!

Thank you, Keep Pounding Rob Team!! We are so thankful for your support during the past two years! From prayers, cards, meals, texts and e-mails, your ongoing encouragement has meant so much!! Thank you!!

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