5 Week Update

Hi Keep Pounding Rob team!

Wednesday, April 3rd will be 5 weeks post transplant. He continues to get stronger each day-step by step, one day at a time!

His hemtologist appointment was yesterday, and below are 3 quick updates:

1. Low blood pressure, high pulse rate. Rob’s blood pressure has been too low. And his pulse is too high. This may be leading to his consistent dizziness.

He has been referred to a cardiologist, and I’ll update when I know more information.

Until then, we are to monitor both the
blood pressure and pulse every few hours and keep a record to show the doctor. We are to head to the LCI clinic or ER if it gets too low.

2. His white blood cell count is too high, indicating he is fighting off an infection. Because he is only 35 days out of transplant, infections are very risky. The infection is what put him back in the hospital last time.

3. His PICC line was taken out, due to concerns of infection and concerns over clots forming. He is thrilled to have it out!

Ending on a positive note, he is keeping down high protein ensures and other liquids! Solid foods not so much, but getting all of the liquids in is a great sign at this point post transplant!

I will post another update after the cardiologist appointment. We will all feel better getting his blood pressure back up to normal, and his pulse back down to normal as well.

Thank you for helping us Keep Pounding!!

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