Thoughts on Being Readmitted

The last thing we wanted to hear a week ago today was “We are readmitting you!”

But that is a reality for 50 percent of stem cell transplant patients.

The transplant team does a remarkable job of preparing you for this reality. However, we all know how easy it is to say “That won’t happen to us”…just like we did.

We are learning from the medical professionals and other patients, that this IS post trasplant life. This is why they like you to stay close to the hospital for at least a few months post transplant.

Rather than thinking, “Oh no, we might get readmitted again!” (normal train of thought), we have learned to rethink things a bit.

Atrium Hospital, especially the 4B and 4T wings, are outstanding resources if and when post transplant complications pop up.

The LCI clinic and Atrium Hospital are there to help Rob and other patients like him continue to Keep Pounding through post transplant complications.¬† Sometimes this is done at the clinic, other times it’s at the hospital. We couldn’t be more grateful for their knowledge, help and teamwork at both locations!

And as always, we are incredibly grateful for you, Keep Pounding Rob team!!

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