Scoreboard Watching

3/9 LABS
3/10 LABS

Every night, blood work is drawn and sent to the labs.  The blood counts are the best indicators to Rob’s recovery. For example, when he was at his lowest, the WBC (White Blood Cells) was 0.1.  

White blood counts is an indicator of how well your immune system is working. This is why they take so much precaution with visitors, food, masks, gowns, gloves, hand washing and hand foam.

As you can see from last night’s labs on the left picture above, there has been significant improvement from his lowest WBC point at 0.1 to last night’s count at 0.5!

On the right side, you’ll see tonight’s labs, which continue to show good improvement on the WBC!! The platelets likely dropped this evening due to the removal of the tri-port and the insertion of the PICC line. The nurse is pleased with how is labs look tonight.

Each night, we eagerly wait for the results to appear on the whiteboard, much like fans wait for the scores to appear on the scoreboard.

When Rob’s ANC reaches 500 for 3 days in a row, he will be ready for discharge.

Please pray for the ANC to reach 500!! Thank you for your prayers!!

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