Day +11 Update, Part 2

Rob has had a great afternoon!

He has eaten more, and has walked several times since coming back from the tri-port removal and PICC line insertion.

Really big news–he is no longer attached to the pole!!! Of course, there is always a chance he may need fluids and have to go back on the pole. For now, however, he is pole free!!

Before Rob can be released, his ANC count has to be 500 for 3 days straight. We are looking forward to reaching day 1 of the 500 number! His labs are drawn nightly, and we usually have the results by 10 pm at the latest.

Please pray for these counts to go up, and for us to get good news on his numbers tonight!!

Thank you all so much for helping Rob Keep Pounding!! You are all the inspiration that has kept us going!! I’ll update once the numbers come in this evening. Thank you again!!!

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