Day +10 Update

UPDATE, 9 pm: Great News! His platelet counts have come up high enough to proceed with tri-port removal! We are hoping it will be tomorrow or Monday. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!!!


Rob’s MRI of the brain is CLEAR!! We just found out, and are very relieved!

The goal today is to raise his platelet count, enough where they can remove the tri-port today. The tri-port is close to his clot, so they want to remove it as soon as possible, without the risks associated with a low platelet count.

He did get the ok to resume some walking if he has someone with him, which is HUGE!!

Thank you, Keep Pounding Rob team for your thoughts and prayers!!!! Please keep them coming as we work towards having his port removed today if possible.

I’ll post updates throughout the day. Thank you again, Keep Pounding Rob team!!!

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