Day +6 Update

Hi Keep Pounding Rob team!!

The days after a stem cell transplant are referred to as Day +1, Day +2, and so on. Today is Day +6. He has been in the hospital nine days.

A brief update on the past few days:

Rob is doing really well, thanks to the amazing care and support of everyone on the 4B Transplant Unit!!

He did have a low blood pressure issue, but they knew exactly what to do. They are giving him some more fluids today, based on his elevated heart rate. The pain reached a bad level last night, but once again, this team of angels knew just what to do. We are grateful beyond words for their expertise!

He is continuing to Keep Pounding, and it shows! He walked again this morning, even after having a rougher night. It’s with your support, cards, texts, e-mails and blog comments that he continues to Keep Pounding his way closer to discharge! Thank you, our amazing Keep Pounding Rob team!!

Rob can be reached by e-mail at, and I can be reached by text at 704-301-2480. 🙂

Coming Up next: Name That Pole!!   ðŸ™‚ 

One thought on “Day +6 Update

  1. Not clever enough to come up with a name, except maybe pole bean?
    Beans are very good for you, as is all that stuff in the IV bag…..
    Love and prayers those stem cells do,their good work!
    Kathy and Dwight

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