Name That Pole!

Update: More contenders added! Thank you, Keep Pounding Rob team!! Ya’ll are the best!

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Being attached to the pole 24/7 (showers included) for the past 9 days, Rob has made friends with him.  

It’s only fitting his new friend “the pole” has a proper name, don’t you think?

That’s where you come in, Keep Pounding Rob team. Help us name his friend!

Here is an image of the pole, and a few images we think it sort of resembles:

The nameless 24/7 pole.

Option One:

Robby the Robot 
(not making this up, his name is Robby)

Option Two:


Option Three:

Uniblab, from The Jetsons

Option 4:

IG-88, from the Star Wars Galaxy

Option 5:

Related image
Johnny Five from the movie Short Circuit

Option 6:

Image result for pole bean
Pole Bean Growing Tower

What other crazy images do ya’ll have that resemble the pole? Post in the comments, e-mail or send a text with your ideas. I’ll add them to the list, and then we can all vote on a name.

And yes, entertainment is limited while on the transplant floor…;)


text: 704-301-2480

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