Fall update

First, thank everyone for your prayers, support, encouragement, and friendship.  I continue to receive wonderful news regarding my multiple myeloma.  My blood work continues to indicate that I am in remission.  My m spike is negative.  I continue on a maintenance chemotherapy regiment of Revlimid (three weeks on and 1 week off).  After my cataract surgeries, I have 20/20 vision. 

A huge thank you to Dr. Branner, III, Dr. Weidman, III, and the nurses and staff at Horizon Eye Care in Charlotte. From my detached retina surgery in one eye, to the torn retinas treatment in both, and finally cataract surgery, everyone has been phenomenal and saved my vision.

They advised us about the potential eye problems with cancer treatments soon after diagnoses, and have been there to successfully treat every single one of them.

I created a Twitter account with multiple myeloma updates and events, along with fun topics and hobbies. Twitter search: Keep Pounding Myeloma or @kmyeloma. I’ll continue to update here as well.

Our prayers continue for several friends fighting relapsed multiple myeloma, newly diagnosed patients, and anyone facing health challenges. Keep Pounding!!

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