45 Appointments and Pounding

Hi everyone, this is Brandii (Rob’s wife, for our new followers).

The other day, we went to pick up Rob’s chemo at the CVS specialty pharmacy. Before Rob was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, we had no idea what a specialty pharmacy was. In short, they provide services for patients who have rare or complex diseases. It’s where we pick up Rob’s oral chemotherapy once a month. They also offer delivery, but we like flexibility of picking it up, verses waiting all day to sign for the delivery.

As I walked towards the pharmacy door, two women were ahead of me. One was going to the “Nothing Bundt Cakes” bakery next door, and the other was walking into the pharmacy ahead of me.

The woman turned right around and said “Oh, that’s not a regular pharmacy, it’s a pharmacy for “really sick people!!”…. and then she joined in her friend in the bakery next door.

I sighed as I walked into the pharmacy. Though she was telling the truth, there is so much more to this specialty pharmacy for “really sick people.”  

I thought of how fortunate for us that when Rob first began oral chemotherapy, the specialty pharmacist sat with us in his office for a half hour, and answered all our questions. He went above and beyond the call of duty, and even made sure Rob was aware of multiple myeloma support groups in the area.  Every single person in this specialty pharmacy has become family, continually monitoring Rob’s progress, much like the wonderful folks at LCI (Levine Cancer Institute).

Speaking of LCI, I was looking up an upcoming appointment time on Rob’s patient portal.  Between LCI, cardiology, rheumatology, pulmonology and ongoing eye appointments, Rob’s had 45 appointments this year. Amazingly, Rob continues to approach each appointment, infusion and procedure with the same kindness and determination that we all know and love about him.

**Real time blog update—as I’m working on this post, Rob texted me “Atrium Update. Lots of appointments scheduled” …He had no idea I was writing about this very subject. 😉 By the end of summer, we’ll add 9 additional appointments to the 45 he’s already had.

Each of these appointments, plus the specialty pharmacy providing Rob’s chemotherapy, continue to help Rob Keep Pounding!  We are thankful for it all, and grateful for each day that gives us hope! Hope for continued remission and hope a for a multiple myeloma cure!!        

Thank you for reading, and for being a huge part of the Keep Pounding Rob team! Thank you also for your blog comments! We love reading them!!

If you’re new to the blog or new to multiple myeloma, feel free to say hello in the comment section, or reach us at Keeppoundingrob@gmail.com.

2 thoughts on “45 Appointments and Pounding

  1. Wonderful post Brandi
    Thank you sharing
    I am sitting in ICU
    with John in Edenton Nc
    He fell last Friday and broke his femur. Sat had a Partial hip and some complications happen from the anesthesia so we’re waiting for his systems to work so we can get him on go and come home it takes a lot of nice people to make you well doesn’t it we’re so glad you had good experiences talk to you soon love you bye-bye

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