Weekly COVID-19 Webcasts

The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation  is providing patients and caregivers with a weekly webcast concerning COVID-19 and multiple myeloma. 

Dr. Cho, Dr. Shahid, and Dr. Usmani will be hosting each session.   This will be an eight week series of 30 minute webcasts. There will be guest speakers during these webcasts. Each webcast will take place at 6 pm EDT every Tuesday from June 2 through July 21. 

Topics will include:
– Basics of COVID-19 disease (testing, treatment, and trials)
– Preventative measures
– Impact on treatment for newly diagnosed myeloma patients  (e.g. transplant     deferment) – Impact on treatment for relapsed patients and clinical trials
– Supportive care measures for patients (including bone health. Intravenous     immunoglobulin therapy, vaccinations and more)
– Social support, institutional, regional and national foundations
– COVID-19 database and specimen collection efforts
– Personal perspectives on COVID-19 infection
In order to view these webcasts, the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation requests that you register.  

Here is the link to register:


You will only need to register once to be able to participate in any or all of the eight webcasts.
I strongly encourage multiple myeloma patients and caregivers to watch and participate in these webcasts.  In my journey with multiple myeloma, I have had wonderful care and treatment from Dr. Usmani and Dr. Shahid.  They are incredible doctors who have great compassion.  They have helped me to Keep Pounding!

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