VGRP Diagnosis Explained

Hi Keep Pounding Rob team!

It’s been a week since Rob we learned that Rob had a Very Good Partial Response (VGPR) to the high dose chemotherapy and stem cell transplant. 

The word “partial” threw us for a loop at first, despite the “Very Good” in front of it. I think that’s human nature. 😉

From the Myeloma Central website, a Very Good Partial Response is described as:

“One of the 5 treatment response categories developed by the International Myeloma Working Group. VGPR is a less favorable response to treatment than stringent complete response (sCR) or complete response (CR), but is better than partial response (PR) or stable disease (SD).”


Rob has faint traces of Multiple Myeloma that are too small to measure.  However, these traces are not active, and not lighting up the PET scan as they did last September.   In order to keep these traces inactive, Rob has started maintenance chemotherapy.  

These faint traces of multiple myeloma is why Rob’s diagnosis is  Very Good Partial Response.  While it is not complete remission, it is the next best outcome, and we are so thankful!

Coming Up Next:

Rob has quiet a few more appointments coming up in the next few months.  Monthly labs and oncology appointments, infusions, counseling, chemotherapy, palliative care, cardiologist, pulmonologist and rheumatologist care as well.

Each of these appointments will help Rob Keep Pounding as they keep a close eye on the Multiple Myeloma, and his overall health, including ongoing low blood pressure and high heart rate issues.

Between the excellent medical care he has received over the past nine months, and the love and support of all of you, we both feel fortunate beyond measure!

Thank you for helping us Keep Pounding!! We will continue to Keep Pounding our way to a Multiple Myeloma Cure!

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