Sunday Update

Hi Keep Pounding Rob team!

Today marks 5 days home, and I wanted to give an update.

The first few days home, Rob kept us his normal routine from the hospital, lots of sleeping and walking in between, as encouraged by the doctors.

For the next few weeks, Rob will have appointments 3 times a week at Levine Cancer Institute (LCI). The purpose is to draw labs and then give the appropriate medicine if needed, be it platelets, fluids, etc. Yesterday was the first such appointment (LCI is open 7 days a week, thankfully).

Yesterday was also an incredibly rough and scary day for us. Due to low blood pressure, Rob had two close calls of falling, one at home and the other at LCI.

They gave him fluids, checked his BP, and did labs. After the 2nd bag of fluids, his BP looked much better, and he was getting much more color in his face. Rob had a similar instance like that in the hospital, and is something the doctors are watching closely. 

He is able to ear a bit more than Jell-O, and while some things don’t taste exactly like they should, they are getting closer to edible for him. Even the slight increase in appetite is a much welcome change! 🙂

In true Rob spirit, he continues to keep pounding, and as long as he isn’t dizzy, he plans to get back to his normal post transplant schedule.

We had a visitor while at LCI yesterday! Meet Chase, the therapy dog that visits patients while they are receiving treatments! After the scary morning, Chase was a much welcome distraction.

Thank you for your continued words of encouragement, prayers, support, cards, texts and e-mails! They are helping Rob Keep Pounding!!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Update

  1. So sorry for the rough days. Your strength and determination are truly inspiring.👊🏻 Can’t wait to play Switch when you’re up for it!🎮👊🏻❣️

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