Coming Home!!

Transplant Status: Day +13

Hospital Stay: 15 Days


Hi Keep Pounding Rob team!!

I wasn’t able to update last night, as we didn’t get the lab result in. However, the doctor just left and he is going home TOMORROW!!!

THANK YOU so much for your prayers, thoughts and love!! We are on cloud nine, and Rob can’t wait to get home to Dexter, fresh air, and all the comforts of home!

Many have asked us what’s coming up in the next few weeks. Here is what we have learned from the doctors:

No visitors for a while, as Rob’s counts are still low and will be for a while. They said he has come to far to risk getting an infection that could land him back in the hospital. He is also not allowed to go into any stores, restaurants, etc.- other than trips back and forth to LCI (Levine Cancer Institute) for appointments. There is a designated waiting room at LCI for stem cell patients, keeping them further protected.

Rob will be seen 3 times weekly to check his counts and get platelets and blood transfusions as needed. Rob’s first appointment will be this Friday to make sure all is well.

He will be keeping up is walking, with plenty of naps in between, as is the schedule here. His body is still going through a huge overhaul getting used to the new stem cells, and still recovering from the high dose chemotherapy.

I will update as I learn more details between now and tomorrow.

Thank you again for helping Rob through the past 15 days in the hospital!!

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