Thank You and Update

Hi Keep Pounding Rob team!

Rob is doing great, and we both thank you so much for your love and support today!! We were all very nervous, but the stem cell team and the transplant unit were (and continue to be) absolutely incredible!

This time next week, the harsh side effects from the high dose chemotherapy will begin to appear. The nurse assured us that we will get through this together. We are ready to tackle the next hurdle and celebrate another victory with our amazing Keep Pounding Rob support group!

Below are some pictures of the equipment used in the stem cell transplant.

The transplant storage machine that stored and transported 3 million of Rob’s stem cells. The machine kept the stem cells at -300 degrees Fahrenheit.   

The machine on the left side thawed out the stem cells to the appropriate temperature.

Have a great evening, Keep Pounding team!! Ya’ll are the best!!!

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