Stem Cell Transplant, Here We Come!!

Hi Keep Pounding Rob team!

Yesterday we met with the oncologist, and she said everything looks good for the stem cell transplant!

Rob will be admitted to the hospital Monday, February 25th, and receive high dose chemotherapy. 

On Wednesday, February 27th, Rob will have his stem cell transplant. The healthy stem cells that are frozen will be thawed, and transplanted back to Rob. 

His entire immune system will be re-built from this transplant. As such, the doctor and hospital have a strict no visitors policy while he is in the hospital, and for some time after he is home.

Rest assured, the no visitors policy will allow him to get stronger each day, and his immune system to become strong, like yours and mine.  I’ll be posting many updates on his progress for friends, family and our new friends on the same journey.

Prayer Request:

Thank you, Keep Pounding Rob team, for all of your prayers thus far!! We are fortunate beyond words to have such loving friends and family!!

Please pray for Rob as the reality of a stem cell transplant is here, including the process, recovery, and future.

Please pray for our new friends and their families we have met on this same cancer journey.

Thank you everyone, for helping us Keep Pounding Cancer!

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