Stem Cell Harvest, Day Two

Hi Keep Pounding Rob team!

Thank you for your prayers!!

Rob woke up feeling much better this morning, and slept well. This morning, things are going well with the stem cell harvest!

It is looking like we won’t have to be back for a third day tomorrow!!

Here is what we have learned thus far this morning:

1.  According to the doctor, Rob’s lupus, and the previous treatments for it, may be making it more difficult for his body to produce stem cells.

2. Both the stem cell doctor and his hematologist were pleased with the numbers from last night! Even though he didn’t reach the goal set yesterday, both said he had enough for two transplants! Hopefully this means this is the last day of stem cell harvesting.

3.  The tingling is still bad, but seems to be more under control.  There is no longer the feeling of a weighted mask on his face and his speech is no longer slurred. 

This is the Apheresis machine that is harvesting the healthy stem cells to freeze for the transplant:

These healthy stem cells will replace ones that are killed during the high dose chemo, and help rebuild his immune system. He will receive these stem cells a few days after receiving the high dose chemotherapy. Rebuilding his immune system will take time, 60-100 days, with no complications. We will have more details on this as we get closer and learn more.

Thank you again for your blog comments, calls and texts!! They have truly helped him Keep Pounding today!!

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