Thursday Update, 2/7

Hi everyone! 

It was a lengthy but successful day.

From 8:00-12:15, we were at Mercy hospital for Rob to get his trifusion catheter. Much of this was pre-op and post-op, as the actual procedure is from 30-45 minutes. 

He didn’t have any complications, and was asleep for the entire process, thankfully.  He did say it is odd to now have 3 tubes coming out of his chest.  

After he was released, we headed to Levine, where we joined others on this same journey for a stem cell workshop from 1:00-4:00.

The workshop consisted of a lengthy but informative presentation, with talks given by the transplant coordinators, transplant nurse, social worker, nutritionist, infectious disease specialist, and a former stem cell transplant patient.  

We are grateful the port is in, and for all of the knowledge learned today at the workshop!

What’s Next:

Tomorrow, Feb. 8th, we have an early day at Atrium, where Rob will get his first of five shots for stem cell preparation, and learn more about caring for and living with his port for the next 4-8 weeks. They touched on it a little in the workshop, but we will have much more information tomorrow.

This weekend, I’ll post more details about what we learned today, and what we will learn tomorrow.

Thank you for pounding along with his on this journey!! Ya’ll are the BEST!!

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