Wednesday Update, 2/6

Hi everyone!

Today Rob met with Palliative Care, a team of doctors, nurses and professionals who help treat side effects of cancer and cancer medications.

We are optimistic that he will finally get some relief from the neuropathy pain that has been making it difficult to walk.  It is believed the neuropathy is a side effect of the chemotherapy.

We are extremely grateful for their knowledge and encouragement, and integrated team effort with Rob’s oncology team.

What’s Next:

Tomorrow morning, Rob will have an outpatient procedure at the hospital to get his trifusion catheter (also called port). The port is how they will harvest the stem cells next week for the transplant, draw blood, and administer IV meds in the coming weeks.

At the last lab visit, the nurse told Rob, “Son, your veins are about done!” She, along with his doctor, agrees that the port will make things much easier going forward.

Please keep Rob in your thoughts and prayers for a long day ahead tomorrow, Feb. 7th!  I will post an update once we are back home, probably tomorrow afternoon. 

Thank you again for your love and support!! It is keeping us going, and we appreciate it beyond words!



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