On to Stem Cell Transplant!!

Hi  Keep Pounding Rob Team!

We had a good appointment today, and received the wonderful news that Rob will be undergoing a stem cell transplant! While it does sound scary at first, it is the most aggressive way to fight the multiple myeloma, and thus, help him Keep Pounding!!

A brief synopsis, with more details to follow later:

Doctors will collect stem cells from Rob where the chemotherapy has reduced or eliminated the multiple myeloma activity.  These stem cells will be frozen until the transplant.  

The most aggressive way to fight multiple myeloma is with high dose chemotherapy (high dose chemo is much more intense than Rob’s current chemo regimen).  Unfortunately, high dose chemo kills healthy stem cells and bone marrow, as well as those with cancer. The purpose of the stem cell transplant is to restore healthy stem cells that would be killed during this high dose of chemo.  

After the high dose chemo is received, the previously collected cells are put back into Rob’s body.   They will then help rebuild Rob’s bone marrow, stem cells, and blood.  Hopefully this will be accomplished without any active multiple myeloma cells. 

We will add more information soon, as it becomes available.   

Prayer Requests

Please pray as Rob begins many tests in preparation to begin the stem cell transplant process.

Please also pray for Rob’s continued patience, endurance, and courage to Keep Pounding as we head into the next part of this journey.  

Thank you, Keep Pounding Rob Team!!

4 thoughts on “On to Stem Cell Transplant!!

  1. 🥊Great news!!! I know there’s a lot of testing and things that take place between now and the transplant, but you are so strong and you are on the path to really giving this thing a pounding! Lots of prayers and love!

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