Friday Update, 12/28

New Update to Friday’s Post:

There is no break or compression caused by the myeloma!! It is an inflamed nerve causing the pain. We are so relieved!! 

We are now working on the adjustment of meds to help manage the pain. Thank you for your prayers!!!

Hi Keep Pounding Rob Team!

Rob had a great appointment with the pulmonologist, who was thrilled with how well his lungs sounded!  He is happy with how the RSV is resolving! 

Unfortunately, Rob is still having significant problems with his lower back and legs.

His oncologist worked him in for an appointment before labs and chemo yesterday. This was based on his pain level, being up all night, and sometimes having difficulty walking due to the pain.

Earlier, I talked about finding out the cause of this pain, be it side effects from a medicine that may still be in his system, the myeloma, or something else.

The oncologist ordered an MRI of Rob’s spine this morning. The MRI is the best tool to see if there are any fractures or compressions. Once we get the results, we’ll post an update.

In the meantime, the oncologist adjusted his medications to help his pain.

Thank you, Keep Pounding Rob Team for your continued thoughts, prayers, cards, texts, and meals!! We draw on strength from you, and appreciate your support more than words can convey!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

2 thoughts on “Friday Update, 12/28

  1. So happy about the RSV continuing to resolve. Prayers that the MRI shows nothing new and that the pain is just residual side effects that will resolve sooner than later🙏🏻 Stay strong and keep pounding!👊🏻❤️

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