Tuesday, 11/20 Update

Rob’s chemo went well, with the usual side effects of nauseous.  We are thankful for a medicine that helps with it, and one that doesn’t cause major drowsiness unlike some anti-nauseous meds.

A few weeks ago in an earlier post, I mentioned a man we met at Rob’s earlier chemo.  He is also fighting multiple myeloma. He had been through chemo, a stem cell transplant, and is now back on chemo.  We ran into him again yesterday. There was something so kind and reassuring about seeing what a fighter he is! His attitude is certainly one to admire and follow in this journey.

Speaking of following in this journey, thank you for your continued support, prayers, calls, texts and mail! They help keep Rob going and we are thankful for the best Keep Pounding Rob team anyone could ask for!!

To leave a message, question, jokes, funny stories, etc., for Rob:

E-mail:      keeppoundingrob@gmail.com

Call/text:  704-301-2480


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