Holiday Week

Hi everyone

As we were getting our first Chemo schedule started a few weeks ago, Rob’s nurse navigator said he would have chemo for two weeks straight and then have a holiday week.

This week’s holiday week includes 4 appts, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Tuesday:  Ortho Surgeon follow up.

Wednesday:  Labs and appt. with Hematologist

Thursday: Appt. with Pulmonologist

Friday: Labs at Levine

When I mentioned to Rob that holiday week didn’t sound like much of a break, Rob said it was indeed a break from chemotherapy, even if he had lots of other doctor appointments, x-rays, and labs.

This morning, at the Ortho Surgeon follow up, the doctor was pleased with his range of motion from the surgery where the put the steel rods in.  That said, he hasn’t had enough chemotherapy yet to heal the bone, but the doctor felt confident that after six weeks, he would see a difference at the next appt. and x-ray.

He advised Rob (strongly) to take it very easy with his arm since the bone isn’t healed, so that he doesn’t cause further injury.  The doctor acknowledged the challenging part of this, since his arm “feels better” from a range of motion standpoint.  But he said it’ll take a bit longer for the chemotherapy to help heal the bone back to semi-normal or possibly even normal state.  It was a good appointment, and gives us hope that the chemo will not only help get rid of the spots, but in the process, also get his arm back to where he can throw tennis balls for that crazy dog of ours.

He has been feeling rough and worn down from the chemotherapy. He does have a few days of nauseous, but it’s not everyday for that we are grateful.

Tomorrow we will have more information on when the next days of chemotherapy will start for the next two weeks, and I will post an update then.

In the meantime, thank you for being here, and for your support and love as we Keep Pounding!










One thought on “Holiday Week

  1. Sounds like they have to give you a “holiday” week to make it to all your drs apts! Take it easy w that arm – Dexter can wait just a little longer to play catch w his dad!❤️

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