Keep Pounding, Rob

Hi friends and family!

Thank you for visiting!

The purpose of this blog is to share love, hope and support for  Rob, the love of my life and my best friend. Not to mention the coolest dog dad ever to Dexter, our sweet but slightly crazy golden retriever.

Rob was diagnosed with aggressive multiple myeloma cancer. We are in a whirlwind and thankful to be supported to by loving friends, family and neighbors!

There are many unknowns  right now, and I will post updates as they become available. I am still learning this blogging platform, so you might see duplicate posts by accident.

The “Keep Pounding Rob” blog title came from the inspiration of Sam Mills, former player and coach of the Carolina Panthers. This brave man was quoted as saying to his team “When I found out I had cancer, there were two things I could do: quit, or keep pounding. I’m a fighter. I keep pounding.”

Thank you for your love and support as we keep pounding!!

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