Wednesday Update: 63 Days Post Transplant

Hi Keep Pounding Rob team!

It has been a busy week so far. Here is the latest update:


Rob had his PET scan and bone marrow biopsy this week. These tests, along with labs, will determine if the cancer is still active.

We hope to learn the results next week, and will post an update as soon as we have more information.

Cardiologist Update

Rob’s cardiologist appointment this week went well. The heart medicine is helping slow the heart down considerably. We haven’t had any readings in the 130’s and 140’s as had become the norm prior to starting the heart medicine

Unfortunately, it’s also lowering his already low blood pressure (they think from the chemo). However, since it has helped his heart so much, we are going to stick with this medicine for now. We are monitoring his blood pressure closely, along with his dizziness.

If the low blood pressure symptoms get worse we will let the cardiologist know. In the meantime, we are thankful his heart rate has finally returned to normal!

Bookstore Milestone!

At the bookstore, Rob made it not only on the up escalator, but the down one too!! This is a major milestone, especially after many weeks of much unsteadiness and dizziness.

Thank you, Keep Pounding Rob team, for being there for every milestone, challenge and scare along the way. We are so thankful to have each of you on our side!!

#Myeloma Warrior

Hi Keep Pounding Rob Warriors!

We just received some awesome Multiple Myemoma Warrior wristbands, and are excited to share them with you!

These myeloma wristbands are the official wristband of the International Myeloma Foundation.

One side of the wristband says #myelomawarrior
and the other side says

If you would like a wristband, contact us by email, phone call or text message:

1. E-mail:

2. Phone call or text: Brandii, 704-301-2480

Please indicate the number of wristbands you’d like, along with your mailing address.

Thank you for the calls, texts, emails and blog comments!! We appreciate it so much! ๐Ÿ™‚

Wednesday, 4/24 Update: Progress!

Hello Keep Pounding team!

Rob has made much progress this past week!

A brief update, and what’s coming up next:

1. Rob was able to get out for a few outings, and walk around a bookstore. While there, we ran into a wonderful Keep Pounding Rob team member! This awesome surprise made our day!!๐Ÿ˜Š

That same outing, he was able to ride the escalator up to the 2nd floor of the bookstore, instead of using the elevator. This is HUGE, because if you remember (or are new to the blog), Rob had a very rough time with balance and dizziness post transplant. Escalators were out of the question, and it was great to see him use the up escalator with ease!

2. At Rob’s weekly oncology appointment, his labs looked good! He still needs the mask when out as a precaution. After a few more weeks of consistently good lab results, he should be mask free! ๐Ÿ™‚

3. His appetite is coming back, slowly but surely! He is able to eat a few bites here and there, along with the high protein ensures!

Coming Up Next Week:

1. PET scan, labs (including those for myeloma markers), and bone marrow biopsy. These tests will determine if the multiple myeloma is active.

2. Cardiologist appointment, where we will go over the last 2 weeks of blood pressure and pulse readings we have done at home.

The heart medicine is extremely helpful lowering the heart rate, but is also lowering his blood pressure (as it should), however, the chemo has already made Rob’s blood pressure too low.

This is a concern, especially as Rob may be going on a maintenance chemo after we get the test results from the PET scan and bone marrow biopsy.

Maintenance chemo is chemo given as a preventive measure when the multiple myeloma is not active. We won’t know this until May 6th.

Please keep us in your prayers for the next few weeks as we prepare for the PET scan, bone marrow biopsy, labs and cardiologist appointment.

We should know the results of the tests May 6th.

Thank you, Keep Pounding Rob team, for your prayers, thoughts, and support!!

We are beyond fortunate to have ya’ll with us every step of the way to help Rob Keep Pounding!!

Cardiologist Update, 4/13

Hi Keep Pounding Rob team! Rob’s cardiologist appointment was yesterday. Here is what we know:

1. Rob’s heart rate is consistently too high.

2. Rob has low blood pressure, and is on week two of a new medicine to help raise it.

3. The medicine usually prescribed to treat a high heart rate also lowers blood pressure. The low blood pressure is one of the factors that contributed to his falls, and landed Rob back in the hospital.

4. The cardiologist said that this is a serious problem, and is going to be very tricky to treat. We are thankful for his knowledge and kindness, and grateful to add him to the Keep Pounding Rob team!

Rob is currently trying a new medicine, and we are monitoring his blood pressure and pulse to report back to the cardiologist.

Please pray that this medicine gets his heart rate under control, without lowering his blood pressure to a dangerous level.

Ending on a positive note, Rob ate about 10 bites of pasta tonight, in addition to his usual high protein ensures! This is a huge milestone, and hopefully we will have many more of these to report! ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you for being there, Keep Pounding Rob team!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Oncologist Update, 4/11

Hi Keep Pounding Rob team!

Today was Rob’s weekly post stem cell oncology appointment.

His numbers look good! As such, he has clearance to visit a bookstore, at non-busy times, with his cane and mask.

This is HUGE, as the only outings he has been able to go on have been to LCI and back since last fall (due to chemo and RSV).

Tomorrow, Rob has a cardiologist appointment.

His pulse is still too high on a daily basis, accompanied by dizziness.

We are hopeful to get answers and a plan to get that back to normal.

Rob will have a bone marrow biopsy and a PET scan in a few weeks. These tests will show how well the high dose chemo and stem cell transplant have helped his body POUND the cancer. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I will update tomorrow after the cardiologist appointment.

Until then, thank you for helping us Keep Pounding!!

Day 38 Update: Keep Pounding!

The title of this blog was inspired by former Carolina Panther player and coach, Sam Mills. ย After diagnosed with cancer, he was quoted as saying to his team, “When I found out I had cancer, there were two things I could do: quit, or keep pounding. Iโ€™m a fighter. I keep pounding.โ€ ย ย 

Rob continues to Keep Pounding, despite some complications! Today is day 38 post stem cell transplant.ย 

His strength to keep pounding, even on the weak days, continues to amaze and inspire me.

Rob is still primarily on a liquids diet, consisting of high protein Ensures, Gatorade, Sprite and water. However, he has been able to eat some baked potatoes, a little ice cream, and some cooked carrots.ย He has lost a lot of weight, but he continues to Keep Pounding!

While walking a short distance, he is sometimes steady on his feet, and sometimes very unsteady, but he continues to Keep Pounding!ย 

His blood pressure is still too low and his pulse is still too high, but he continues to Keep Pounding!

As our transplant coordinator says (paraphrased) –

Don’t look at far you’ve have to go, instead look at how far you’ve come!ย 

We are able to do just that with your love, strength and prayers! This is how we Keep Pounding!

Thank you for being there, Keep Pounding Rob team!!


Dexter says “Keep Pounding Dad!” with his Keep Pounding bandana. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you, Abigail and Lincoln! ๐Ÿถโคโค

5 Week Update

Hi Keep Pounding Rob team!

Wednesday, April 3rd will be 5 weeks post transplant. He continues to get stronger each day-step by step, one day at a time!

His hemtologist appointment was yesterday, and below are 3 quick updates:

1. Low blood pressure, high pulse rate. Rob’s blood pressure has been too low. And his pulse is too high. This may be leading to his consistent dizziness.

He has been referred to a cardiologist, and I’ll update when I know more information.

Until then, we are to monitor both the
blood pressure and pulse every few hours and keep a record to show the doctor. We are to head to the LCI clinic or ER if it gets too low.

2. His white blood cell count is too high, indicating he is fighting off an infection. Because he is only 35 days out of transplant, infections are very risky. The infection is what put him back in the hospital last time.

3. His PICC line was taken out, due to concerns of infection and concerns over clots forming. He is thrilled to have it out!

Ending on a positive note, he is keeping down high protein ensures and other liquids! Solid foods not so much, but getting all of the liquids in is a great sign at this point post transplant!

I will post another update after the cardiologist appointment. We will all feel better getting his blood pressure back up to normal, and his pulse back down to normal as well.

Thank you for helping us Keep Pounding!!