Fun Trivia Time

Geography Triva 🙂

The wing where Rob has been since Tuesday is beautifully decorated with large blown up photos.

The nurses told us each picture in the wing is taken from a location in North Carolina and South Carolina.

Can you guess any or all of the five locations below? There are many more photos, but we’ll start with these.

If you know the location, post in the comments, or send a text/email to us! For the record, we don’t know the answers, as the locations aren’t posted next to the pictures. We just know they are all taken in North Carolina and South Carolina.

So, let’s have some fun, shall we?!

Picture One:

Picture Two:

Picture There:

Picture Four:

Picture Five

Any ideas, Keep Pounding Rob team? 🙂

Saturday Update & Thank You

Hi Keep Pounding Rob team!

Another day of improvement!

First, a huge thank you for keeping up with Rob’s progress through our blog! It helps me to write the information down, so that way I don’t miss any important details when sharing updates.

We welcome and are so thankful your blog comments, texts, calls and emails! They help keep our spirits lifted!

Ya’ll have been there through the bad this week (and beyond), now for the good!!

Rob has made HUGE strides today!!

1. Rob is OFF the 24/7 heart and oxygen monitors, and his vital signs have been doing well!

2. He is walking with the pole, as long as closely supervised by a nurse or myself. This is huge considering how weak his muscles were a few days ago!

3. He has been in antibiotics and an IVIG infusion today, and both will help his immune system fight off any infections.

4. During today’s long infusions, we watched the games and played a few hands of cards. We were so scared about how quickly he went downhill, that being able to simply watch basketball and play cards was the best date ever!!

More updates tomorrow after the morning rounds from his phenomenal medical team. Thank you, Keep Pounding Rob team!! Ya’ll are quite phenomenal as well!!

Friday Update: Good News

Hi Keep Pounding Rob team!!

Some good news to share!

Rob’s blood pressure is improving! He made it through the night with normal blood pressure readings, the first time since time since being readmitted!

The doctors agreed he has an infection, and the infection is the cause of all of the difficulty,  including the severe muscle weakness.

He is still on oxygen, yet they have weaned him from it a bit, which is a great sign.

He is still on fluids, but those are being weaned as well.

The heart monitor is staying put for right now.

Rob was able to get up and move around a bit today. He has been resting  after an incredibly busy (and early) morning.

Before 9:15 this morning,  11 different medical professionals came in to share their expertise with us. Some of these amazing and life saving teams include his nurses,  and doctors in hemtology, pulmnology, and infectious diseases.

We are grateful for his entire medical team being so proactive and starting him on antibiotics, in case of possible infection. This was done right away before the lab results came back. Just seeing how quickly he went backwards, and with symptoms  not usually associated with stem cell transplant recovery, makes us beyond thankful for his proactive medical team!

Speaking of grateful, thank all of you, Keep Pounding Rob team!! You have helped us get through this setback!!

The goal is to get Rob strong enough where he was post transplant. Back to the original schedule of lots of resting, walking, and recovering. He had four good days of doing this after we got home, and we look forward to resuming that soon. We realize it may not be at the exact same starting point as post transplant, but it is a step in the right direction!

And, speaking of steps, the hemtologist is going to talk with Rob tomorrow about doing some hall walking (slowly and supervised).  Please pray for strength for that to happen!

Thank you for helping Rob Keep Pounding!!

Thursday Update

Hi Keep Poinding Rob team!

Rob has made some wonderful strides today!

Here is what we know:

No new clots anywhere from the hours of scans he went through yesterday!

The previous clot is GONE!!

They beleive Rob has an infection that is causing much of his trouble. He is extremely tired and his muscles are very weak.

He was started on antibiotics, and his heart and oxygen levels are still being monitored 24/7.

He is being watched closely for signs of fever, confusion (as a precaution, he’s not confused at all), dizziness, etc.

He did have a very good blood pressure reading tonight, after starting an addditonal medicine to help raise it. We are praying that is a sign of things to come!

We are grateful they are so on top of it, and  to be in such great hands.

Ending on another positive note, he was able to drink a ton of fluids, including several high protein ensure drinks!

I’ll post another update tomorrow.

Thank you for your continued love and support!! It means the world!!

Wednesday Update

Rob has had a tough and busy day at the hospital.

He is currently on oxygen and breathing treatments to improve his oxygen level.

He is now on medicine to help raise his blood pressure.

He had another ultrasound on the clot that resulted from the triport.

This afternoon, he also had scans on his brain, lungs and heart to  rule out any additional clots or something else that may be contributing to the low blood pressure, high heart rate, trouble walking,  etc.

Rob is now on 24/7 monitors to keep an eye on his heart and oxygen level.

We don’t have any results of the tests from today,  but I will post when we do.

Thank you, Keep Pounding Rob team for your prayers and support!!

Please keep them coming, be it by texts, emails, blog comments, or mail. They really do help lift our spirits more than I can express!!❤❤❤


Rob has been readmitted to the hospital today.

His blood pressure has been worse (too low) over the past three days. Walking and standing have become quiet difficult, and he has had several falls as well.

On the plus side, his initial labs from this morning are looking good! We need to find out the cause and a solution for the low blood pressure and his unsteadiness, and this is the best way for them to do it.

I will update as soon as we learn more.

Please keep those Keep Pounding Prayers coming!!

Sunday Update

Hi Keep Pounding Rob team!

Today marks 5 days home, and I wanted to give an update.

The first few days home, Rob kept us his normal routine from the hospital, lots of sleeping and walking in between, as encouraged by the doctors.

For the next few weeks, Rob will have appointments 3 times a week at Levine Cancer Institute (LCI). The purpose is to draw labs and then give the appropriate medicine if needed, be it platelets, fluids, etc. Yesterday was the first such appointment (LCI is open 7 days a week, thankfully).

Yesterday was also an incredibly rough and scary day for us. Due to low blood pressure, Rob had two close calls of falling, one at home and the other at LCI.

They gave him fluids, checked his BP, and did labs. After the 2nd bag of fluids, his BP looked much better, and he was getting much more color in his face. Rob had a similar instance like that in the hospital, and is something the doctors are watching closely. 

He is able to ear a bit more than Jell-O, and while some things don’t taste exactly like they should, they are getting closer to edible for him. Even the slight increase in appetite is a much welcome change! 🙂

In true Rob spirit, he continues to keep pounding, and as long as he isn’t dizzy, he plans to get back to his normal post transplant schedule.

We had a visitor while at LCI yesterday! Meet Chase, the therapy dog that visits patients while they are receiving treatments! After the scary morning, Chase was a much welcome distraction.

Thank you for your continued words of encouragement, prayers, support, cards, texts and e-mails! They are helping Rob Keep Pounding!!